CAPO ACE1 roche chenille 1/10 RC voiture 2.4G 4CH 4WD ROCK Crawlers 4x4 conduite voiture escalade voiture simulation escalade escalade performance

CAPO ACE1 roche chenille 1/10 RC voiture 2.4G 4CH 4WD ROCK Crawlers 4x4 conduite voiture escalade voiture simulation escalade escalade performance


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CAPO ACE1 ROCK CRAWLER 1/10 RC Car 2.4G 4CH 4WD Rock Crawlers 4x4 Driving Car Climbing car simulation climb climbing performance

KIT version need to reprovision the remote control motor servo * 3 ESC, such as battery charger UBEC .Shell is not sprayed.Does not include video in the car's electric winch.

After assembly specifications:

Length: 513 mm Width: 308 mm Height: 264mm Wheelbase: 379mm Track: 308mm Configuration recommendations: Steering: ≥20kg torque standard steering gear × 1 Hanging file: ≥ 13kg torque standard steering gear × 1 Linkage: 9-12g small steering gear (can not use the Hui Sheng MG995 models, and blue models available) × 1 ESC: Brush ESC / Brushless ESC (Racing Brushless)

Capo ACE1 use new scale of 1:10,shows the different thinking, the rough structure combines the beauty of mathematics and physics.

It takes us a whole year to think about how to create a new surprise, to satisfy who is eager to release their control of the wisdom in the rock mud, when others are focusing on the exterior modifying details for RC Crawler. Then, ACE1 comes out.

The appearance and performance designing of ACE1 makes the maximum fusion,more conceptual modeling elements will be implanted in a simple crawler.

Upper and lower integralabnormal bearing beam collocation withe ABS car independent body shell, rich details of cab and the racing seat building up by up to thirteen sets of combination of exterior panels, creates a perfect personality modification board.

Innovative LED patch lighting system,unique daytime running lights, simply control by channel 4 when remote control, achieve the switch of head lights and the day lights, meanwhile the throttle, steering, braking, reversing lights linkage function.

2 Speed gear-box setting, equipped with 2.8 mm steel ball innovative gear structure and metal gear group, , supports 1/28,1/8.2 gear switch, when in traditional crawling mode, adapt to the slow mud ground and other integrated road conditions brought about by the real driving experience.

The standard suspension Aluminum Alloy split the height adjustable damper, which is the best respect to the rocks. New technology of “Ring” adjusting knob, in charge of upper and under spring pressure adjusting. 4LINK metal tension bar, supports more space for car revising.

Brand new Commander2 steering system brings us to new generation of front servo axle. The appearance of the hydraulic steering to allow the vehicle to restore the true driving, self steering wheel linkage. The laughing can not stop our determination to overcome all the difficulties, maturity and stability performance will replace all advertised

The metal axle, shaft drive, tension bar and suspension in the central disc brake, helping to raise the trafficability characteristic. ROCK BUGGY modification style, represents the delicate driving arts in the real environment.

12 mm connector of hub adapter, adapt to the general market on the wheel and tire modification, 304 stainless steel fasteners in the shell to reduce the corrosion damage caused by poor sit

This is it! The Capo ACE1 with new life, he’s waiting for you to wake up his soul.

Highlights: Capo's first plastic chassis metal chassis and metal-driven structural products, the "first" with a bit strange, indeed, they have only been out from top to bottom all-metal vehicles. But Xiao Bian did not feel sorry. 13 sets of pieces of construction, fully independent body structure is very fine, this is not a blister out of the soft shell and one-piece hard shell cover can be compared, ACE1 shell selected ABS material, directly on such as Tamiya RC system commonly used PS material, relative to wear and toughness is more excellent, ABS this material is also widely found in the real world limit motorcycle, ATV, and off-road vehicle exterior. From the independent hood to the fender, almost all geometric and curve modeling, very strange, with more of the line of the pen, Conceptual elements. DIY painting way becomes more diversified. Therefore, the general evaluation of the plastic shell to simulate the situation, need to look at the use of some of the key points. Highlight two: Drive structure, using can run to climb the second gear remote control speed. This does not feel very special amazing place, but the initial version is already hardened steel teeth. Gear module, really great, it seems they are also afraid of the time, ha ha! Compared to the majority of climbing finished car mainstream use of plastic gear, this is very real. The reason why I included it in the highlights, is its gear shift device design, even embedded four 2.8mm steel ball seriously improve the shift flexibility, have to say to Capo has been the research and development of the spirit of admiration, although Capo early works there have been many imperfect design, but the vehicle works which can be called perfect, just to adhere to this complex processes and innovation, I think it is worth applause. Highlight three: Axle ... ... This is the simulation car following the emergence of VP accessories, Xiao Bian have seen the most beautiful bridge. This bridge on the central design of the actual disc in the ROCK BUGGY such a professional vehicle is very common, rough publicity. 4link drawbars and transmission output are elevated, to enhance the site through sex. Compared with the die-cast metal bridge, ACE1 axle CNC multi-axis carving process is more local tyrants. Built-in CVD allows very compact steering components, with 12mm hub adapter, can be compatible with the market 1.9 and 2.2 standard wheels. Highlight four: Steering system, ACE1 uses a new structure of the COMMANDER second-generation steering system. Popular science, COMMANDER is Capo own development of the steering device, the first generation has been loaded on the Capo JK, it appears to overturn the majority of the simulation of climbing on the bridge or the bridge above the bridge to install a standard steering gear to support steering . A steel wire traction is used to replace this special disturbance simulation steering structure. The structure is very innovative design, but in the first generation of the design, for the players to do the rough work is almost a flawed, as guitar strings need to be adjusted as often, and the adjustment process is difficult and cumbersome for the junior secondary Players, no father does not say anything. So Capo also provides another for this front steering bracket modification to provide options, unfortunately. Can be said to withstand saliva and ridicule dare to design the new COMMANDER II, equipped with hydraulic steering appearance and a new regulatory system, Ackerman turned rich flavor. Standing in the perspective of understanding, or stubborn and naive, or persistent and courage, although not personally experience, but the observation structure, feel a stable sense of power and convenience of assembly design. We will wait and see. Highlights five: Headlights, enough stunning, using the LED patch lights, and the original car comes with beautiful tears in the daytime running light design, enough to mass production models in the overwhelming KO. Headlamps, daytime running lights, searchlight remote control, rear lights integrated in a lamp, providing the brake steering reversing lighting linkage. Highlight six: Cab, to continue the continuation of the Capo has always been the simulation dashboard comes with backlight style, the center console button details rich, static master has a good play space, comes with steering wheel linkage structure, one of the forming competitive seats look remarkable , While the driver's space with a "limb sound" standard 7-inch doll perfect match, without moving "surgery." Highlight seven: Metal vacuum shock absorbers, usually manufacturers of the vehicle comes with shock absorbers or a relatively simple configuration, ACE1 configuration is also considered absolute tyrants, although negative pressure shock absorbers in the circle has been common, the design because the real car shock absorber blueprint Is not rich, no bright spots at all, but the instructions described in a way to adjust the interesting, remove the shock above the adjustment knob, also added a ring called RING adjustment settings option, by adjusting the RING, Limiting the travel of the softer springs of the upper layer increases the efficiency of the lower hard springs. I believe you can bring a deeper level of adjustment experience. More highlights, but also players to be found. And this ACE1, I believe will set off a simulation of climbing the competitive sports class craze. Because he depends on the value of a meal is not dependent on the strength of the pie!

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Vous devez vous assurer qu'avant d'acheter un CAPO ACE1 roche chenille 1/10 RC voiture 2.4G 4CH 4WD ROCK Crawlers 4x4 conduite voiture escalade voiture simulation escalade escalade performance vous disposez de déjà vu et lu les commentaires des chaland de cet accessoire d'abord. De cette façon, vous pouvez se présenter comme sûr que vous gagnez le bon produit lequel conviendra à vos besoins. Depuis ce CAPO ACE1 roche chenille 1/10 RC voiture 2.4G 4CH 4WD ROCK Crawlers 4x4 conduite voiture escalade voiture simulation escalade escalade performance domine une bonne qualité, il est parmi les meilleurs négociants apparus maintenant et beaucoup de gens recommandent cela produit à leur groupe social et leurs amis. Certains jours-ci, ce produit se trouve être vraiment abordable pour quasiment tout le monde & c'est un très bon achat pour l'argent. Vous en votre for intérieur n'avez pas besoin marchandises moins chers s'il ne fera que saboter votre entière travail et ne vous donnera pas le genre durable dont vous avez besoin dans le produit. Avec le prix plus élevé, vous en votre for intérieur pouvez être sûr sommaire votre argent vaut une dépense dans cet article.
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